Righteous Options 4 Christian Kids

Welcome to homeschool learning + fun = ROCK Homeschool Co-op! :)

~ PreK through High School levels ~

On a journey in CHRIST JESUS, taking us through this life into the next.

We are a conservative Christian home schooling community that seeks to support families who have chosen to educate at home.  Our diverse group reflects a span of different beliefs centered around the Christian Faith, but we work together with mutual respect to provide both social and educational opportunities. 


Our parent-led co-op classes are offered in two semesters, one in the fall and one in the spring.  The classes can be a mixture of academic and non-academic oriented topics, but none are designed to replace a quality home curriculum.  We encourage all of our families to be compliant with the homeschooling guidelines in Texas. 

We are conveniently located between Floresville, La Vernia, and the south side of San Antonio.

Our group also meets for occasional park days and field trips, and we encourage our students to organize and participate in service projects.  The mothers in our co-op have enjoyed monthly Moms' Nights Out,  Secret Sister gifting, casserole circle in times of need, and prayer and support from other Christian homeschooling moms.

Families of ROCK sign a commitment to conduct themselves according to the co-op's policies and guidelines.  Please see a full description of these by clicking "Policies" under the "More" tab above.


R.O.C.K. Homeschool Co-op ~ Taking "P.T.A" to a whole new level! 

Fellow Mom Testimony:

For those teetering on whether or not they should home-school their children, if this documentary doesn't solidify your decision to home-school I don't know what will! I said I would "never", "ever" home-school but I can 100% tell you that I have absolutely "no regrets"! The amount of support out there with co-ops and fellowship groups on top of the excellent curriculum that is available makes it a very rewarding and do-able path to choose! I would highly recommend you watching this entire documentary video; very educational and enlightening! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1JJW-JgHVac&feature=c4-overview&playnext=1&list=TL0YJ3nEQe7XM 
- Melissa